Basic Catholic Beliefs is a series of classes taught by Father Kenneth Phillips. The video series can be watched below; access to the class notes is also available below.


Video Series from Father Kenneth Phillips

Video 1: Purpose of Existence, Scripture, Tradition (Sept. 2021)

Video 2: Apostles' Creed and God's Perfections (Sept. 2021)

Video 3: Creation & Angels
(Sept. 2021)

Video 5: Jesus Christ
(Oct. 2021)

Video 7: Catholic Church
(Oct. 2021)

Video 4: Adam, Eve, and Sin
(Sept. 2021)

Video 6: The Holy Spirit & Grace
(Oct. 2021)

Video 8: Death, Judgment, Heaven, Purgatory, Hell (Oct. 2021)

Video 9: Overview and Definition of the Sacraments (Nov. 2021)

Sacraments 101 from Busted Halo


Sacraments from Sophia