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Father Kenneth Phillips periodically offers his Basic Catholic Beliefs course to the public for free. This is an opportunity to learn more about your Catholic faith, or explore what it's all about.

Video Series from Father Kenneth Phillips

Video 1: Purpose of Existence, Scripture, Tradition (Sept. 2021)

Video 3: Creation & Angels
(Sept. 2021)

Video 5: Jesus Christ
(Oct. 2021)

Video 7: Catholic Church
(Oct. 2021)

Video 2: Apostles' Creed and God's Perfections (Sept. 2021)

Video 4: Adam, Eve, and Sin
(Sept. 2021)

Video 6: The Holy Spirit & Grace
(Oct. 2021)

Video 8: Death, Judgment, Heaven, Purgatory, Hell (Oct. 2021)

Video 9: Overview and Definition of the Sacraments (Nov. 2021)

Sacraments 101 from Busted Halo

Sacraments from Sophia

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