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St. Teresa of Avila defined mental prayer as "a conversation with Him who we know loves us." 

Father Kenneth Phillips will periodically offer a series of classes focused on prayer in these areas:

  • Necessity of prayer

  • Types of prayer

  • Motives for prayer

  • Stages of prayer

  • Method of mental (meditative) prayer

The current class session has ended. Please check back to see when the class will be offered again, or you can access the power point presentations in the videos below.


Prayer Class Video Series

Video 1: Purpose and Goals
(January 2022)

Video 2: Beginning of Our Journey to God
(January 2022)

Video 3: Progress of Our Journey to God
(January 2022)

Video 4: Prayer and Its Necessity
(January 2022)

Video 5: Types and Methods of Prayer
(February 2022)

Video 6: Stages of Prayer
(February 2022)

Video 7: General Differences in Men & Women and Effects on Prayer Life
(February 2022)

Video 8: General Counsels Regarding Meditative Prayer
(February 2022)

Video 9: Difficulties in Prayer & Perseverance
(February 2022)

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